We’re Murried!!

Pictures below. They’re in Backwards chronological order.
First day of school! Blurry picture as we were running out the door.
Forbidden Island game last night from family for Christmas
Tea party last night. Colton’s character kept telling me crazy immoral stories. I asked him why and he said that he felt like at tea parties people say crazy things and you have to tell them, “Aww yes. Why yes of course.” very politely.
Sushi with fruit sculptures Saturday night.
Yellow curry and mango curry in Rexburg. Yassss.
We went through the Boise library and pulled off books that were interesting and read whatever we could for an hour. This is my stack. I read one about Amish teenagers deciding whether or not they wanted to get baptized and one about how, based on their journals, adolescent girls in America used to focus much more on being good people and now focus much more on looking good. It’s called The Body Project. It was super interesting.
Big Judd’s is as a Boise/Rexburg thing with giant four person burgers.
IMG_20180103_161413.jpgBubble tea at Snake River Tea in Boise. We had to wait for it for 45 minutes, so they gave us a coupon for another 2 free bubble teas.
Cafe Zupas in Station Park in Farmington, UT.
Sub zero liquid nitrogen ice cream with the Provo City Center temple in the window.
IMG_0146.jpgThe view from the window in the Provo Marriott room Grandpa got for us.
Went to the Orem library where I used to go as a kid, but it was closed because it was New Year’s day. šŸ˜› It is supposed to look like a tree with a tree house.
IMG_0135.jpgSaying goodbye to Baby Brother at church on Sunday. He was super melancholy. It was super sad.
IMG_0131.jpgSubway after the reception because we couldn’t stomach any food but I knew we would be hungry later.
Selfie in the car before getting subway.

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