Haakaa 3rd Generation Review

I got the 3rd generation haakaa after hearing about haakaas and figuring it was the best one. I’d seen reviews that said that the gen 3 has much stronger suction since it is bigger.

A few things:

Things it does not do:

It doesn’t replace an electric pump. If you need to replace feeding sessions with pumping sessions, you don’t want to use this. It’s not as fast as the electric pump and doesn’t pull the dregs out.

I thought I would be able to walk around while wearing it. No such luck. It would fall off too easily. I just learned about using ponytail holder configurations to hold pumps on. I’d like to try this with the haakaa and see how it works.

Things it does do:

It makes a good travel pump and bottle for breastfeeding moms. It would be too time consuming for exclusive pumpers to use while traveling. But for breastfeeding moms if you are traveling and you want to have the option of pumping and bottle feeding, sometimes, it’s awesome. It’s a bottle and a pump all in one small light weight package. We’re on Christmas vacation and I’m going to leave the bottle with Grandma when we go out for our wedding anniversary. We only brought a carry on so the electric pump would have been too big to bring.

It is great at taking the edge off. If for some reason you are overfull, this will do the trick at getting you comfortable again. It’s way easier than hand expressing because the shape keeps the milk more contained and the suction pulls the milk out faster.

It is great at collecting the let down on the other side while baby is nursing. The suction pulls more out than collection cups, and there is more space than collection cups. It’s also easier to store. You can just set it in the fridge after collecting.

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