Graduating = way fewer social opportunities

Making mom friends is weird. Well, making new friends in a new place can be weird in general. It’s also weird how little I talk to my college friends. I left my college town 9 months ago. My husband plays video games online with his friends, so he still talks to his friends that way. I’ve talked to a couple of my friends on the phone a couple of times and it has just been awkward so we have not tried that again. I don’t really feel lonely. I don’t really think about spending time other than with my baby and husband. Weeks go by before I realize we haven’t had a social engagement. But it is weird that my social life is nothing like it was in college. In college I had a tribe, the Philosophical Society, that was my intellectual and social outlet and I also had a few “best” girl friends I could talk with about everything. Now I talk to my husband. I talk to my mom occasionally. I have a fun team at work. I have fun socializing and church. I have a few girl friend prospects at church, but nothing serious yet. I hope I can build a big social circle like I had before, but we’ll probably move before that happens.

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