Santa Mole!

I am looking back at my blog posts and thinking about my experience these last five months of Clark being alive and WOW the first four months were way different than now. The first four months I said things like, “I might have another baby soon; I love babies so much!” And “I’m going to have 12 babies!” A couple weeks ago, Clark started crying unless he was being moved around. He will be happy for maybe 10 or 20 minutes when he first gets up from his nap and then the grouchiness starts. I thought it was teething at first. Maybe it still is teething. I’ve been trying to make the most of it. I put him in the stroller and walk to the thrift store. I put him in the car and drive while listening to podcasts. I turn on the tv and walk him in circles around the living room. I put him in the carrier and do the dishes. Now that I am writing this I am remembering that he is often content to be still as long as he can watch me move around, so I put him in his stroller and fold clothes using the kitchen bar as my workspace, dancing as I fold. This works for maybe five or ten minutes. If I put him in his bouncer outside the shower and leave the curtain partway open, he’ll watch me soap up and shave with minimal fussing. So basically every day is a challenge to thing of what productive thing I can do and incorporate Clark into. Today I was sick and had no energy to entertain him, much less carry him around. Thankfully, Colton was here and did dishes and laundry and made food with Clark in the carrier. Praise. All in all though, making this switch to full time Clark mode has been a rude awakening for both of us. “This is what parenting is? This is crazy. Let’s wait 3 years to have another.” Wow. I mean now that I think about it has had some independent play time today and just now for his most recent wake time he was content playing with me on the ground (which is way nicer to me than having to carry him around. It’s fun and it doesn’t make my feet hurt!) so maybe it’s not all as bad as I was feeling earlier today. Maybe I was feeling so discouraged because I was also sick as a dog with a throbbing sinus infection. Anyways, now I understand when people are like, “Yeah we’re stopping at 2 kids.” img_20190222_0922302

Here’s the little gremlin, complete with my filthy carpet.

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