Unicorn Mom šŸ¦„

I learned the term Silky Mom today for moms who are the opposite of crunchy moms. So I’ve been thinking about how labels are kind of fun but also kind of silly. They’re silly and even damaging when we pride ourselves on them. Kinds of diapers and infant food don’t really matter in the long run. But I love saying to myself, “I’m a crunchy mom. I was raised a crunchy mom. Even when I try not to be I’m still a crunchy mom.” When I think this I feel all special and cool. How stupid.

Unicorn mom is a fun label though. It means you don’t give a s*** what people think, love alcohol and have a sense of humor. This is what all moms should be, except if you don’t drink that’s fine, but the important part is that you aren’t judgy (zero judgy) to those who do and that you do indulgent self care of some kind.

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