Life Update: New Bikes, New Nanny

This week we bought bikes! We are so excited about them. We spent a lot of time researching bikes and shopping around so we are very relieved to have them. When we got home from the bike shop we were super disappointed to find that our bike trailer can’t attach to our new bikes Dx So we had to take turns riding while one of us watches Clark.



We also let our nanny go this week. She was gone for spring break and we had a temporary nanny. The temp nanny was really awesome! She had a 15 month old she would bring with her. That was why I had originally said no to her being our full time nanny. I wanted her to give her full attention to Clark. What I realized after using her for our backup nanny is that Clark loved watching the toddler play and the toddler gave Clark attention too. Plus when you have a mom of that age, she knows the secrets, like what teething looks like, what over tiredness looks like, etc. She can teach you stuff about your baby, instead of you having to teach her. She’s confident in her child watching and housekeeping abilities. I felt really good about leaving Clark with her and I realized I didn’t completely feel that way about our regular nanny.


Here is her pushing Clark in her swing in her backyard. She would take Clark to her house where there were awesome toys, a backyard and a swing

Unfortunately, she can’t work for us permanently, so we’re on the hunt for Mary Poppins again. Ugg. We have already had to go through the hiring process 3 times. The first nanny moved to a full time position, but the second two just weren’t the most professional.

I realized I don’t get all the information I need by interviewing people, and I always second guess interviews, so our approach this time is going to be to have people come for a few hours and watch Clark while I work from home. This will also help me get work done while I am looking for a nanny. Then I think when I do leave someone with Clark, it will still be on a trial basis.

We also did a “Will it Chopstick?” date night this week.

I went thrifting and found some good stuff. I am finally feeling like a have a sense of my own style back and that I have a good amount of clothes to match it that also hide my new mum tum. In college I dressed like a thrift shop grandma/hipster. I wore a lot of patterns at the same time. It was tons of fun. After I met Colton and got engaged, that style didn’t speak to me anymore. So I started wearing t shirts every day because I really wanted simplicity. I also didn’t have any money almost at all so I couldn’t really go shopping a lot and find a new look. After we were married and I started working, I noticed that a lot of people at work dressed pretty nicely. I was also pregnant at this point but I was still wearing t shirts and jeans. I felt really frumpy and I started trying to get some better options into my wardrobe, but I never quite broke out of the rut I was in.

Come postpartum, I spend my 12 weeks of maternity leave in a floral bathrobe, and since then I’ve gradually gotten a whole new wardrobe. At first I was going for what I’ve seen called the French Minimalist. I was getting really basic pieces. Then I realized that I was bored by that and I wanted to throw more of the vintage feminine vibes I had in college in there, without going overboard. I’m finally loving my clothes and getting excited about the outfit possibilities every morning.

I do not have any outfit pictures.





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