Santa Mole! Reviewed

Looking back at my post from February 25th makes me laugh now. It’s funny that I was so depressed by Clark’s need for constant attention then. Now we take it for granted that while Clark’s awake one or the other of us is in full time parenting mode and that means serious entertaining. That’s life. That’s our work. That’s raising a baby and it’s pretty fun. I think I used to stress a lot more about what productive thing I could do while engaging Clark and now I’m like, yeah I’ll get stuff done and Clark can deal with it, but I’ll also just spend a lot of time playing with him and taking him for walks, etc. I don’t know, it’s the same but it doesn’t feel like the black hole of stress that it did then.

Wait, I remember what changed everything! The back carry. Putting Clark on my back meant I could easily, practically, not just theoretically (as with a front carry where he’s in the way and a big weight when bending over), get some stuff done around the house while he’s awake. For about 5 minutes in each room until he’s bored. But that five minutes is a big win. And he has been sitting up which entertains him a little bit more and made things a little easier as of today.

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