Mom Podcasts/Learning About The Pros and Cons of Epidurals

As I’ve mentioned before, podcasts are my best friend as a Mama. Especially since I can tell Google home to turn one on while my hands are full, as they always are. They keep my mind busy and make me feel like I have cool mom friends.

Here are my favorite mommy podcasts. I’m linking their webpages here, but you can also find all of them on iTunes and Google Podcasts (best podcast listening app for Android phones imo).

I have also highlighted epidural episodes for a friend who was asking for info on epidurals! These podcasts are a great way to get discussion from mindful people about the pros and cons!


The Birth Hour Podcast

I have been listening to this beauty day in and day out this week as I work and parent Clark. Every episode is a birth story. There are all shapes and sizes of birth stories: birth at home, in birth centers and in hospitals, natural and with epidurals, vaginal deliveries and cesareans. The theme is informed consent and mother/family empowerment. It’s good stuff. It is an invaluable way to learn about all the different options that are available to you, as well as learning about all the things that can go wrong (eek), but also how someone else dealt with them and how you can be more prepared because of hearing their experience.

Search for epidural episodes on website:


Birth Kweens Podcast

I did find this before giving birth and learned a lot from it. It is explicit for language if you care about that. It is a midwife and a doula chatting about all things birth and women’s health, often with guests. It is pretty crunchy but also evidence based and practical.


Epidural Episode:


Evidence Based Birth Podcast

Evidence based info on all things birth! It is put on by a nurse with her PhD and it is a great way to learn what the actual facts are about, for instance, epidurals or induction or hypnosis or doulas or whatever you want

Evidence Based Birth® Podcast

Epidural episode:


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