Cosleeping & Feeding to Sleep: We’re finally doing it and we LOVE it

IMG_20190222_212927.jpgDisclaimer: this is not telling anyone else what to do or judging anyone’s baby sleep practices! This is just my experience and I hope it can help someone.

I finally gave in to cosleeping and feeding to sleep for naps and let me tell you guys, it is such. a. relief. It makes me feel light and airy and did I say RELIEVED whenever I think about naps or bedtime (which any new parent knows is super often). I know, I know, I know that we’ll “never be able to get him out of our bed.” Well he’s actually on a crib mattress on the floor next to our bed (which is also on the floor #justoutofcollege). So yeah, I know that we probably won’t be able to get him out of our room until he’s like 7. Seven. Not 17. Not never. Just a while. Just until he’s really not a baby anymore. Just until he’s not in the phase where he wants and needs extra momma-nurturing. That tender little-kid phase. Ok seven is a long time and maybe I’ll regret it someday. That’s why I was being so paranoid about it for such a long time. I didn’t want to form a habit and then have to undo it later after he’s already attached to it. But right now it has lifted so. much. stress that I was carrying around with me every day. I wish I had realized this sooner, before spending hours and hours of effort and energy on getting him to sleep on his own. The effort and strain all of that takes is not worth it to me anymore. Feeding to sleep and cosleeping takes zero extra effort or thought for me. Easy. peasy. lemon. squeazy. (Not difficult difficult lemon difficult)

What changed my mind was once while Colton and I were going to sleep and Clark woke up in the other room crying. He’d only been asleep for a half hour or so so I said, “Aw man, he just really hates sleeping by himself.” And Colton said, matter-of-factly (as he always does on parenting issues that I tend to complicate up the wazooh) “So would I.” And I thought, “Yeah, so would I. If Colton and Clark were in a bed together and I was alone in a closet I would be really sad and want to be with them.” So after that I brought Clark into our bed every night. Then I realized that I’d been making a big deal out of nothing and that this was way easier.

I know that some people have the opposite experience where they try to cosleep and the baby wakes up more and/or kicks and punches, etc, and everybody is relieved and gets better sleep when other arrangements are made. I just wanted to share my experience to say that if cosleeping does work for you and you’re fighting it. Just stop. Just give in and let your life be easier, mamma.

So I know some of you think I’m a terrible parent for cosleeping in the first place. I am going to leave that argument to other blog posts by other people but I’ll tell you that I researched it thoroughly and I am a very safety paranoid mamma.

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