Busy mom tip #37: Make smoothies in bulk

This will really only work for a mom of a very small family. If you have say, six kids you’ll have to make two blender fulls for everyone to get some. But for me right now, since I’m mostly cooking for myself during the day, it has been working really well.

Whenever I make a smoothie now I just pour a lot more ingredients in. Adding extra of each ingredient doesn’t take much extra time at all. Then I pour the extra smoothie into whatever repurposed jars I have in my cupboard. Then I put the jars in the fridge and I have lunch and a snack waiting for me. Later on in the day when I’m stressed out and starving and only have one hand available, I can grab a pre-made smoothie, shake it up and enjoy! Two or more meals for the effort of one! It’s also a great way to get fruits and veggies and feel healthy even in crazy times when I’d otherwise reach for quick carbs. I can also throw a jar in a diaper bag if I’m going out for the day. (Of course that would be a little more complicated on a very hot day because I would need to find a lunch cooler and ice pack…)

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