How to Save Wilted Lettuce


TL;DR, soaking my wilted lettuce in cool water completely worked to re-crispify it.

Did you know that you can un-wilt lettuce? I’ve heard of such a thing but I’ve always been a little skeptical.

Supposedly you just soak a wilted vegetable in cool water and it becomes crisp again.

I had some lettuce that I got at the farmer’s market that was already wilted after two days! It was my fault. Here’s the slightly funny backstory: when I went to the farmer’s market I didn’t bring any produce bags, just my backpack, so when I got lettuce I just carried it home in the crook of my arm, haha. The whole point of me going to the farmer’s market was to reduce my plastic packaging use, so I couldn’t take one of the disposable produce bags to put my lettuce in!

I forgot that leaving lettuce out in the open in the fridge lets it wilt.

So here I was with two day old organic, local, expensive, plastic bag free, but wilted lettuce.

It was time to see if the old water bath trick worked.


It did! 2 hours later or whenever I checked my lettuce bath, the lettuce seemed pretty crispy.

When I put it on our taco salads it seemed like it had never been wilted at all. Way. Awesome. It totally worked. 10/10 would recommend.



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