What I wish I knew when I started shopping for cloth diapers: All in Ones (AIO’S) Pros and Cons and things to look for

All in one diapers are just what they sound like: a complete diaper in one piece. The absorbent material and water proof material are sewn together into one diaper.

Some all in one diapers have absorbent flaps that flap out for faster drying time. This one is a Bumgenius Freetime.


One piece! This saves a little time.

Easy and intuitive for those unfamiliar with cloth diapers.

Depending on the structure of the all in one, you’ll have one piece to spray poop off of. As you can see with the one I took pictures of, that’s not always the case.


The elastic part is attached to the absorbent part. This means that you’ll want to hang dry them to preserve the elastic, and since the absorbent part can’t be taken out and thrown in the dryer, hang drying will take longer.


If the elastic wears out, you’re out a whole diaper, absorbent pieces and all, until you fix the elastic. Whereas with other types you could use the absorbent parts with a different cover.

Single use per change. With some diapers you can remove the absorbent part, wipe the inside of the cover clean and reuse the cover for another change. Not so with these guys.

Things to look for:

Absorbent pieces that flap out for faster drying time, or one solid piece for easier poop clean up.

Whether or not the inner lining is moisture wicking (usually micro fleece) or natural fiber, depending on whether you want your baby to stay feeling dry or wet, how often you want to change them, etc.

Tabs that are stretchy. These are easier to put on. Bumgenius has these. I’m not sure if any other brands do.

Where the diaper is designed and where it is made. This will affect quality.

How many snaps the tabs have and how they are arranged.

Whether the diaper is one size fits all or sized.

My biggest suggestion for cloth diaper shopping is to buy small amounts of diapers and to buy them second hand until you know what you want. This will save your bacon! I always want to rush out and get a bunch of a certain type, only to find out that it’s not the perfect kind of diaper for me.

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