I think about quitting my job a lot

I know this is a privileged thing to say, because I have the option to not work and I’m working “for fun,” but sometimes I just don’t want to quit my job because: 1. It’s always a drain to work from home and entertain Clark; 2. (and this is the main thing) I just constantly feel inadequate at work and like I’m not doing a good job and that coworkers are judging me for poor performance. This weighs on me all the time. Blech. But I mentioned this to a friend who hasn’t finished his bachelor’s and works for cheap at an unstable startup and he was like, “Hey! Don’t quit your job!!! You have it really nice!” And that helped me get a lot of perspective. Also writing this post helped me get perspective. It’s going to be ok. I like my job. I’m getting better. I still have plenty of free time.

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