Sharing the “Mental Load” of Managing a Household With My Husband: Our Current System

I talked to Colton about splitting babysitting and housework evenly and he really wanted to do an interesting system. Whenever Clark is awake, whoever is not watching Clark cleans the house, packs for our move to CA in September, cooks, pays bills, does chores. He was insistent that “this is the way to easily make everything fair without having to maintain a stupid schedule amongst the surprises of life with a baby.” At first I was reluctant because I wanted him to watch Clark while Clark is awake so that I can do fun stuff. But I’m excited to see how it goes. It also means that while Clark is asleep we don’t do chores, we just do fun stuff. So it will mean that I’ll have dedicated Clark time, chore time, and fun time, Instead of trying to do chores or fun stuff while watching Clark. And we also really need to start packing so that we don’t end up scrambling last minute.

So we’ll see how this goes.

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