How to Find the Perfect Diaper Bag

So I have been looking for the perfect bag for weeks. I’m grown up and I’m ready to move on from my polyester school bag to a fabulous, high quality bag that I can take to work and use as a diaper bag.

It needs to be vegan. It would be awesome if it converts from a crossbody to a backpack. It needs to be classy. If it has contrasting hardware it needs to be gold.

It turns out this is impossible to find.

But I’m finally finding success tonight!

Because I discovered that the best place to shop is

not google, not amazon, not even nordstrom, but

Instagram. HAHA! I feel like such a victor. I am finding not just one but multiple nice bags that fit my qualifications. After WEEKS of no luck.

I also found this company that makes silicone bucket bibs in lovely earth tones. Gah. I was looking so hard for that a few months ago.

These people I’m finding on instagram need to somehow be easier to find on google. Also Instagram really needs to get its game together so you can search for keywords instead of hashtags. That would be so easy for them and they could make $OOOOOO much $$$$$$

I am creating a Pinterest board of the bags I’m finding.

Gah! I am so giddy with excitement!

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