Diary 7.14.19

We went on vacation again last week for a family reunion on my dad’s side. Like I’ve said before, I like vacations because they interrupt my routine and help me see it from a new perspective. This time when I got back I just thought, “My life is really awesome and I want to spend more time enjoying my son and my husband.” I have the free time, so I should use it for that and not worry so much about my to-do list.

So on Thursday Clark and I went to the pond. But Clark did not want to go in past his nipples, LOL. So we did not get to try out the Otteroo. Overall, the experience was kind of stressful. Because it’s hard to get a baby in and out of a swim diaper on a sandy beach where there’s nowhere to sit down. And it’s hard to enjoy playing with a baby when all they want to do is eat sand and rocks. Anyways, hopefully the water gets warmer so that we can use the Otteroo, far away from sand and rocks. And Maybe I’ll bring a blanket we can sit on on the beach. (This sounds like a basic mom thing that all experienced moms know and I am just now learning).

On Friday the whole family went to BBQ4LIFE, which is a Boise restaurant with BBQ and vegan fare. We were both disappointed with our sandwiches, but the vegan loaded fries were extremely good. We’ll go again and try some other sandwiches. It is exciting to find a place where Colton can eat meat and I can eat vegan food.

On Friday I also went to the James Castle house with Clark. He liked the wide open space of the art gallery to crawl around in, but it was a little stressful when he tried to get into the few things he could. I guess I just need to remember that even though being out and about with a baby is less stressful than staying home with a bored baby, it still comes with its own inconveniences.

We talked to this lady who has an opening in her in home daycare near downtown. She charges $12/hr per kid. Seems crazy for a daycare, right? But I guess people pay her that much. I learned later that that does include food and that she actually picks up and drops off some of the kids (two at max per morning and afternoon). So that was interesting. I was originally interested just because I felt like Clark might be a lot more content if he had somewhere else to go and other kids to play with. I still need to look at my calendar and see if anything will work with this lady.

I’ve also been learning about handbags. I’ve never been a handbag person. I’ve just used pockets, and for school and now work, I’ve used an average polyester school backpack. Since Clark was born I’ve added a small faux leather backpack I thrifted (looks like it came from Forever 21) for a diaper bag). What I’m learning recently is that if you do have to carry a bag, it can add to your outfit. Which basically means that you can wear more simple, basic clothing, but then still look put together because of your fabulous purse. So basically having a nice bag holds your stuff, and also makes your wardrobe more versatile. And it makes it so you can wear classy pieces (think navy polo and kaki culottes for instance), without looking boring. Well, you also need to add a coordinating belt and shoes to get the full effect, but you get the idea. Adding some coordinating bags, belts and shoes adds a lot of mileage to your wardrobe. As a computer scientist I’ve studied combinatorics, which says when you add a set of options, the total number of options increases by a lot. If you just pair shirts, pants and shoes, you have a certain number of outfits, but if you add bags and belts, you get a lot more combinations.


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