On Co-Sleeping

Disclaimer: this post is not meant to judge anyone. I’m all about people doing things because it is what they really want to do and what brings the most joy and least stress to their family instead of because of societal or familial pressure.Last night I was thinking about how my feelings about co-sleeping have changed and I was trying to put what I felt before and what I felt now into words.I guess a big thing is that the AAP says it’s not safe. I kind of forgot about that. I am going to write a post linking the research that I follow.But besides that, but maybe because of it, it seems like the cultural tide is against co sleeping. It seemed like before, I was keeping him out of our bed because I didn’t want to be one of “Those people.” And I pitied my parents, who coslept with all or almost all 7 of us.My poor parents! I thought: never sleeping by themselves for ~20 years. All because they didn’t feel good about sleep training or weren’t able to find other methods to get the baby to sleep by themselves.I resolved I wouldn’t be like my poor parents.Well now I’ve been cosleeping for around 6 months. And my perspective has totally changed. Why would I want to leave my snuggly Teddy bear, even better, snuggly real life baby, in a different bed? I LOVE co sleeping.So anyways I was thinking about it last night and I thought, I feel like our culture has this weird obsession with not neglecting to spend time with our babies during the day. Moms feel guilty and stressed out about giving their babies attention and personal time. Then moms feel confused because they can’t think of any developmentally appropriate games to play one on one with baby. Working moms feel even worse.Anyways, whether it’s right or not, there’s huge societal pressure towards spending all your time with baby during the day. Am I right about this? I mean of course everyone also says when asked, “Be sure to take time for yourself.”But then on the other hand there’s huge societal pressure against spending time with baby at night.I think both pressures can be frenetic, shame-driven attitudes that are not helpful by themselves and need to be enlightened by mindfulness and reason.Anyways. That’s just some stuff I was thinking was interesting.

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