E.C. Log 8.14.19 11 months old

So EC was going better for a second.

Like I said in the last log, I’ve realized that if I let Clark sit in a wet diaper, he doesn’t signal louder the next time he has to pee. I think he’s too used to using his diaper from the months we didn’t do EC and from when I’m at work.

So I’ve realized that I can only have success with it if I go off of natural timing. If I know the last time he went, it’s pretty certain that he’ll go again about an hour later. And that he’ll continue this pattern throughout the day.

However, sometimes in the evening he pees about every 36 minutes (I know this is weirdly exact, but come to think of it the hour timer I set usually has about 24 minutes left). I’m going to keep parking attention and see what I can find.

If I am paying attention to the time, I do often see his signals clearly. Otherwise they get lost in all of his requests for attention, food, water, etc. Even when successfully following the hour pattern, sometimes he doesn’t signal, but pees on the hour anyways if I take him before he signals.

Overall, it seems like EC is a little like learning to play the violin or bake excellent bread. It’s more of an art than a science and you have do it consistently for several months before the pieces start coming together and you feel like you can get anywhere at all.

And along the way, there will be weeks at a time when you feel like nothing is working until you get your next epiphany.

But as long as you keep at it, you do get somewhere.

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