Letting a small baby eat dirt and acorns

I’m writing this from a park as I walked Clark eat dirt and acorns. Maybe I shouldn’t let him play with acorns that he could choke on but I feel like he’s pretty good at spitting them out and it’s behind me several minutes of peace.

The tree we’re under is full of squirrels. I can tell because acorn parts keep landing on the ground. I wonder if Clark will get hit with an acorn and while do if that happens. I happened to be wearing a bicycle helmet so I’m safe. That makes me realize that courts should probably have a bicycle helmet when he rides in the bike trailer. If he did then he would be safe from acorns too.

I wonder if there’s any evidence that babies who are left to put whatever they want in their mouths or less liable to choke when they do you have small things in their mouth. I guess that would be hard to measure since they have things in their mouth more often which would be the numbers, and it also wouldn’t be ethical. Definitely safer to just avoid small things in their mouth in general. And maybe someday I’ll learn that.

I went to a CPR class where the EMT said the after he learned how hard he had to hit babies to dislodge something in their throat he always dislodged it and he never had to perform rescue breaths. Since then I’ve been a lot less scared of choking and if it weren’t for that I wouldn’t let Clark put small things in his mouth. I mean when we’re at home if you put something small in his mouth and I know it’s there I’ll take it out. But in the park I let him eat acorns.

I I just started wondering if there’s a bug poop under this tree that Clark is also eating. I don’t want to think about that because right now I have the choice between insanity and letting him play under this tree while I have several minutes of peace. I just noticed that there’s a broken shard of glass under the tree

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