Moving to Paradise; How long does it take to find friends in a new place

We’re moving to Paradise, CA on Wednesday. I went to church in Boise for the last time today and it was weird. I haven’t made any best friends in Boise, but my bester friends are at church. I have made two friends who are just dear enough for me to be sad I’m leaving them, but not dear enough for us to have any kind of emotional, drawn out goodbye.

That’s what happens when you live somewhere for 18 months.

It would be cool to perform a study, or see if there’s already been a study done, on how long, on average, it takes people being in an area to find good friends. Not just people they hang out with, but a tribe of people who make them feel like they’re no longer alone in the world.

In Rexburg and Boise it took about eighteen months to find the friend group and then about 6 more months for those friendships to sink into close friendships.

I met a guy on a train once who moved around the us a lot and he said in his experience it always took about 2 years to get a solid friend group.

Anyways, I’m leaving Boise before becoming close to the friends I have found. And that means no tearful goodbyes

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