Morning free write 11.5.19

It’s morning and I have a little time! Lately I’ve been so sleepy by like 7:30. Actually that’s been happening for long time. But maybe because daylight savings just ended, is been easy peasy to go to bed at 9 or earlier. Such crash. Much tired. Wow.

I love my little bean. I LOVE sleeping next to him so much. I’m so glad I stopped listening to,”Nobody likes Co sleeping! You’ll never get them out of your bed!” That’s not good I actually feel about it, society.

I want to get another Nugget.

I’m a little discouraged because our taxicab Nugget feels too orange. Our futon frame and our cabinets are orange wood. We’ve got to get some contrast in that room.

I’d also like to get wall art up but I’m not sure what. Maybe I could start with a hat and a box and plants. Plants are good.


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