Quarter Life Crisis: Am I Actually Going Where I Want To Go?

The other day I wrote, “It’s morning and I have time to write!”

I’m realizing today that I could write every morning if I chose to make it happen.

Anyways, this week I did a couple of things that kind of have me turned around.

First, I created a lovely spreadsheet of our incomes and how long it will take us to accumulate $300,000 on our incomes with such and such spending habits.

6 years.

We have a big income so it’s crazy to imagine how long this takes the average household.

The other thing I did this week was get serious about goals. I started posting on my instagram for mom hacks every day and I started doing duo lingo every day. I started replying to people’s texts more promptly. I stopped spending nearly as much time online shopping or scrolling social media. Basically whatever time I was spending on my phone was more productive.

But I was exhausted.

So I guess making a more mindful plan for my money and my time got me into kind of a slump.

Now I’m asking, “What is it all for?”

So, first off things that I would like to spend more time on are:

Quality time with Clark.





Visiting family.

Making friends.

Getting in touch with old friends.

Discussing books with friends.

Helping people out somehow.

Reading great books.

Listening to great music.

Looking at great art.


But I do still want to work on having a clutter free, beautiful home that promotes mental and spiritual health!


But I feel like my current life feels like a hollowed out shell.


I thought I wanted to start a business of creating a bunch of goods that I think the mom market wants, that I want for sure, and then use that business for good as a b corp that donates a large amount, has great maternity leave and stuff.

But that sounds so stressful right now. But I think I still want to do it. But I also have to make time for the above list as well.



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